20th August 2016

Become a partner and give regularly

We are seeking support from companies, organisations, other charities & not for profits and individuals in the form of Curing Cancer Partners.

Partners can help us in a number of ways – with publicity, connections, fund raising and donations.

Funds are crucial to helping support potentially life-changing trials of a privately manufactured vaccine – we are seeking to expand the number of cancer patients undergoing trials and we need to raise significant funds to do this. For example, a trial for one patient costs between £7,000 and £10,000 pounds and we need to run a large number of trials before we can make a vaccine more widely available.

We have different Partner levels – dependent on the value and continuity of the support – ranging from Bronze through Silver, Gold and Platinum. We welcome support at all partner levels and it is a great opportunity to support us at a critical time in our operations and at an early stage in this potentially ground breaking technology and treatments.

For further information of how to Partner with CVCT please contact us.