20th August 2016

Donate to Cure Cancer

Why donate?

You may think that considering the typically huge cost of a clinical trial that your donation would be just a ‘drop in the ocean’. Not so. By working with others we can increase the impact of your donation.

Clinical trials are expensive, but these are the large-scale (Phase III) trials conducted by large pharmaceutical companies. The smaller, earlier Phase I and Phase II trials cost much less than Phase III and are usually run by small groups of researchers who find it difficult to acquire the necessary funds. But without the early trials, there would be no products progressing through to Phase III, and without Phase III trials, there would be no products for us to use to treat patients. So by supporting small, early phase trials, we can make a real difference.


CVCT is a small charity with few overheads so that over 90% of any money donated will go directly towards treating patients through our Cancer Trials.

By donating and volunteering, you can make a real difference to the lives of those suffering from cancer.