20th August 2016

Volunteer – lots of ways to support us

Getting involved as a volunteer is really simple. We are a small but dynamic charity very excited to be supporting such life and world changing work.  We are currently supporting some ground breaking trials which will help us realise our vision of curing cancer but we need help in a number of ways.

We need more breadth in the Trustee’s team – to help run operations, publicity, fund raising and fund allocation. We need people with experience in the medical and pharmaceutical world, to help with research, development and trials. We need people with enthusiasm, energy and practical skills able to spend some time helping with administration, data processing, digital services and event management. We need people who want and who are able to help others going through intensely sad and difficult situations and as cancer touches most people at some point in their lives, many people need this help. We need people who are able to broadcast our mission and goals and connect us to corporate and individual sponsors, backers and influencers. We need people with experience in grant and funding applications and we need people who will connect or get involved as Partners.

Above all, we need people prepared to roll up their sleeves and get involved in our challenging and vital work and help us to achieve wonderful things.

To find out more, please contact us.