20th August 2016

Curing Cancer

Cancer Vaccines Charitable Trust (CVCT) is committed to Curing Cancer and is seeking to secure sufficient initial donations to enable it to work with the larger funding bodies and charities

Cancer Vaccines Charitable Trust (CVCT) is a charity based in Warwickshire seeking to promote and support the use of vaccines in the treatment and cure of cancer.

The UK is a world leader in basic research in cancer but only a very small proportion of new ideas and discoveries make it into patients.  And only a minority of these treatments make it through to being available to all.

Many doctors and cancer specialists believe vaccine technology could offer great hope and lead to an entirely new form of cancer treatment and cure.  They are used to treat cancer that is already established, rather than prevent it occurring in someone who does not yet have the disease.  Cancer vaccines typically will have fewer side effects than current chemotherapy, radiotherapy or monoclonal antibody therapy, therefore vaccines will improve the quality of life of cancer patients.  We recognise the important potential of this approach to cancer treatment but also that it is often hampered by poor funding.

CVCT is directly supporting current trials of cancer vaccines and is working closely with selected partners to speed up and expand these trials so more patients with a broader range of cancers receive this ground breaking treatment.

To join us in making a difference to the lives of those who are suffering from cancer by giving or volunteering.