20th August 2016

Our Researchers – Curing Cancer

Doctors John and Sarah Maudsley

John Maudsley, Sarah Maudsley


John Maudsley
Chief Scientist
John has a background in cellular Immunology having done his PhD with Avrion Mitchison FRS and Sir Marc Feldmann at the Imperial Cancer Research Fund Tumour Immunology Unit at University College London. He was a senior research fellow at the University of Warwick and the founding Chairman of the British Society’s West Midland Immunology Group. In 1999 he founded Cancer Vaccines Ltd based at Coventry University Technology Park to develop cell-based allogeneic immunotherapies for treating cancer. He is responsible for the scientific and technological direction of the research. Cancer Vaccines Ltd has made considerable progress in developing cell-based immunotherapies and is currently in the early stages of a clinical trials programme. John is also involved in research developing a technology to protect and immunise people against airborne infections with particular potential in the event of a pandemic.
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Sarah Maudsley
Head of Clinical Research
Sarah trained at the University of Manchester (BSc) and at the Royal Postgraduate Medical School (PhD), London (now part of Imperial College), did post-doctoral research at the Universities of Birmingham and Warwick, and taught Immunology at Coventry University for nine years. Sarah's worked with John on the cancer vaccine project since 1999 when their company Cancer Vaccines Limited, which is based at Coventry University Technology Park, was set up. She has steered the project through the required regulatory, ethics and site approvals and is co-ordinating the forthcoming clinical trial. ‘Our dream is to develop a range of vaccines so that any cancer is treatable in a safe and affordable way’. Sarah enjoys singing with the local choral society at Coventry Cathedral, spending time with friends and family and doing killer sudokus!
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